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Web Design Services

Building a website is easy for anyone over the age of 18, however designing a website that drive customers to your doorstep is another story all together

Web Design Services | Pecos Texas Division

Web Design Services

Applying the best web design is something that we all set as a goal, but it is usually easier said than done. Let Five Dog Solutions guide you through the obstacles of utilizing web design as well as SEO techniques. The information about web design, SEO services and techniques in Pecos can seem endless, and it continually evolves as new platforms are created and become relevant. However, in trusting Five Dog Solutions with helping your website evolve to become as relevant as possible, you will also notice the attention from potential clients begin to surface.

With an outdated website you may begin to accrue penalties that hurt your Google search result rankings. If these penalties sit on your site for too long without being dealt with, then your website may be flagged and removed from Google search results entirely. Five Dog Solutions has access to various tools that allow us to monitor these penalties and fix them before you are removed from Google search results. Every week the team sets aside an amount of time to specifically monitor and fix client web penalties.

A common misconception on web design is that your website should be primarily optimized for human eyes and behavior. However, the truth is that human usability comes second when designing a website. The priority when designing a website is making sure that we optimize for Google web standards. If your web presence does not abide by Google web standards then you won’t rank and therefore not even be found by humans. Five Dog Solutions follows Google web standards to the fact that it is the most used search engine in the world.

Google changes the standard of what works on the web multiple times a day, everyday. It is important as a webmaster that Five Dog Solutions keeps up with these standards and integrates them into our clients’ web design. If you have outdated SEO techniques built-into in your website then we will analyze and suggest current techniques that can be implemented with your approval. For example, perhaps navigation is difficult for your clients because there are too many choices available. We can help adjust and update the web design by using proven navigation methods that increase client conversions.

We at Five Dog Solutions will ensure that your web design proper. We will help you determine what the best keywords for your industry will be. This will help you begin to be the answer to many people’s issues and questions. Your images on the website may need to be optimized to improve the customer experience. Images are important to keep potential clients on your page. We will also examine your “white space” and ensure that it is being used effectively. We can also ensure that your web design is suitable for use with mobile phones. Whether you have a new design concept for a website that you are ready to present, or you have an existing site that may be outdated, Five Dog Solutions of Pecos will guide you through the process of gaining a very effective web design.

Our web design services will assist in all of these daunting tasks of maintaining your web presence. From identifying your audience to keeping you in the higher results of search engines, we can assist you with having the most effective web design.